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A Delicate Dance: Receiving & Giving Care

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A Delicate Dance: Receiving & Giving Care with Stacy Shewey, Founder & CEO of Hands 4Life Inc.

Did you know that 70% of the world's aging population lives in economically developing countries? My guest today is Stacy Shewey, the founder and CEO of Hands 4Life Inc. This non-profit serves developing nations by pairing orphan children with orphan seniors to create a beautiful new family.

Seeing the need to address the global aging crisis and bring a plan of care for the vulnerable and forgotten senior population, Stacy felt called to bring hope and support by creating intergenerational homes by providing community outreach and education. There is a tremendous lack of resources in developing countries. Hands 4Life is shining a light on the need for care, housing, education, and support by partnering with the local community and industry leaders.

Thank you, Stacy, for being the hands of love and bringing hope and support to those that need it most. Thank you for sharing so vulnerably with us about loss, grief, receiving care, and being a caregiver.

I'm honored to support a grandparent with Hands 4Life. It's been a gift to me to share video messages and resources. Join me in supporting Hands 4Life!

Stacy shares about:

  • Hands 4Life's mission and story

  • Caring for the caregivers in developing nations

  • What the current state of eldercare looks like in other countries

  • The most pressing needs for older adults in developing nations right now

  • Bringing the generations together and how it brings purpose and a brighter future.

  • The sustainable, educational, and positive economic impact that Hands 4Life brings

  • The education programs that are in place

  • How partnerships and support have impacted lives

  • How loss and being the care recipient shapes how we care for others

  • The ways we can care for the caregiver in our life

About Stacy Shewey & Hands4Life

Stacy is an entrepreneur who built a successful hospitality company where she owned and operated hotel properties, freelanced as a hotel feasibility consultant and was a consultant/investor on a 60M resort start-up. She served as an Executive Director of an assisted living and memory care community, where she gained experience in the senior living industry. She is a visionary who takes ideas and brings them to life.

After being in the senior living and hospitality industry for my whole career, I felt called to take my experiences and knowledge and serve those in developing nations. We all know we are in an aging crisis in the US, but few realize we are in a global aging crisis where there is no plan to care for the vulnerable and forgotten senior population. It was with this revelation Hands 4Life was born.


The Need

70% of the world's aging population lives in economically developing countries where there is a lack of resources and focus to address the needs of this vulnerable population.

The Mission

Hands 4Life pairs orphaned children with orphaned seniors to create a beautiful new family. The circle of life is realized through intergenerational homes, community outreach and education in economically developing nations.

The Vision

We envision a world where there are no orphans. A world where two generations care for each other at all times. The elderly are honored and cared for by the younger generation. And the youth learn from and are inspired by their wise elders.

To support Hand4Life and to learn more visit,

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