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willGather is here to come alongside older adults, family caregivers, and professionals in the

senior living community as we explore the

world of aging and eldercare.


Nicole Will brings approachable conversations and insightful interviews to our listeners. She gathers helpful resources, valuable information, and practical tools that will encourage and give hope to caregivers as they navigate the aging journey with their loved ones for a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Grandmother and Granddaughter

We all know and care about someone that is aging. We are here to be a resource and encouragement as you navigate the world with your aging loved one.

These times can often feel overwhelming- we've been there!


Surrounded by our comprehensive pillars of support our older adults and families are embraced with compassion and given hope with a foundation of knowledge provided by our experts.




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Two Men Fishing




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Health Care

Life Enrichment

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Family Dynamics


Care Technology

Improving Quality of Care + Life Through Technology



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what they are saying

willGather is such a good and helpful podcast! As a former caregiver of two elderly family members, the information that willGather provides would have been so insightful and practical in navigating those years with them. Now with an elder during COVID, these conversations have been timely. For anyone navigating these challenging years with loved ones, the discussions provided by willGather through their podcast can equip, encourage, and provide practical tools to maximize your care! Thank you willGather for seeing the need we have to equip us with a variety of information to do our best to love and care for our aging loved ones. Hats off to you and keep them coming!

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Please note: We are not medical professionals and are not providing any medical advice. If you have any medical questions, we recommend that you talk with a medical professional of your choice. willGather has taken care in selecting its speakers but the opinions of our speakers are theirs alone. Thank you for your continued interest in our podcasts.