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The willGather podcast gathers us together. 

We are here to come alongside elders, family members, loved ones, and the senior living community

as we explore the world of aging and senior living with helpful resources and informative interviews.


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Why We’re Here

We all know and care about someone that is aging. We are here to be a resource and encouragement as you navigate with the world with your aging loved one. These times can often feel overwhelming- we've been there! We may not have all of the answers, but we have the questions and will create a space to explore those questions and answers. We will tell the stories, ask the questions, share the information and encourage those listening that you are not alone.

The Foundation

Our hope is to create a sense of community, inspiring a vision of life-long learning and engagement. Growing up, Nicole's grandma was able to live with her family and became one of her closest friends. Inspired by this special relationship and passion, she went on to earn a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Services: Social Gerontology and became Activity Director Certified with NCCAP, working many years as a Director in a senior living facility overseeing their Therapeutic Recreation, Volunteer, and Spiritual Care Departments and as a private elderly care companion. She is the founder of which is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our aging community by connecting Activity Directors and Therapeutic Recreation Professionals with vendors, venues, and others in the senior living industry. Born into a family of story-tellers Nicole felt called to ask the questions and tell the stories. At her core, she is a collaborator and cheerleader for others by sharing the good work that they are doing in the world, and all for her favorite group of people- our elders.

what they are saying

willGather is such a good and helpful podcast! As a former caregiver of two elderly family members, the information that willGather provides would have been so insightful and practical in navigating those years with them. Now with an elder during COVID, these conversations have been timely. For anyone navigating these challenging years with loved ones, the discussions provided by willGather through their podcast can equip, encourage, and provide practical tools to maximize your care! Thank you willGather for seeing the need we have to equip us with a variety of information to do our best to love and care for our aging loved ones. Hats off to you and keep them coming!

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Thank You To Our Sponsors

Art Your Service: Based in Whitby, Ontario Canada Jen Tindall is the owner of Art Your Service which creates and delivers meaningful activities and events for seniors. Her best-selling program in-a-box, Cultivating Gratitude, has been sold to hundreds of retirement and long term care homes across North America. She believes seniors haven’t “lived” interesting lives but are still living them. Art Your Service makes sure all their events are people-centred and age-appropriate so that every senior can continue to live their best lives. Art Your Service offers virtual classes and socials for seniors serving those living at home or in senior living facilities. Find out more at



Chair One Fitness: Chair One Fitness goes beyond tradition chair exercise programs and opens you up to movement you never knew you were capable of and so much more! Alexis Perkins is the Founder and Creative Director of Chair One Fitness. She has always had a passion for fitness, television production, dancing, and public speaking. All these paths in conjunction with her close relationship with her grandmother and teaching seniors for years led her to the creation of the nationally accredited program Chair One Fitness. Chair One Fitness not only offers fitness instructors longevity in this field but is also a blessing to all who take the class, overcome physical limitations, and stay active. Find out more at