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Making Life Easier for Caregivers with Joe & Bella

Making Life Easier for Caregivers with Joe & Bella, Co-Founder Jimmy Zollo

There is a huge mental load that we carry as caregivers and we are constantly thinking about providing all of those supplies and managing that shopping experience for our loved ones. This is an ongoing and never-ending task.

Today we talk with Jimmy Zollo, he is the co-founder of Joe & Bella. This is a new service that provides older adults with a full array of products they need to make their lives easier. He has a deep personal and professional connection to residence and care communities, their families, and caregivers. Jimmy is also the co-founder of Collaborata. This background of working with companies such as AARP and his personal experience with his grandparents led to the creation of Joe & Bella and we get to talk with him today and I am so so happy to be able to introduce to you Jimmy Zollo.

We talk about the creation of Joe & Bella, why we need to elevate and improve the shopping experience for families, caregivers, and senior living communities. Jimmy shares with us how they curated all of the shopping options and the professional insight provided by a trusted group of advisors.

In our conversation, Jimmy talks about the good work others are doing. He highlights a few companies Joe & Bella offers such as Friendly Shoes and Slick Chicks.

Jimmy Zollo is the Co-Founder of Joe & Bella, a new service that provides older adults with

a full array of products they need, to make their lives just a little bit easier. He has a deep

personal and professional connection to residents of care communities, their families, and

caregivers.  Jimmy also co-founded Collaborata, a research organization that launches

innovative large-scale projects by bringing brands together to share costs. Jimmy

developed his passion for innovation while driving initial growth at GrubHub, where he

helped to develop their industry-leading restaurant network by launching new markets.

Joe & Bella are generously offering our listeners 10% off their first purchase with the coupon code "GATHER", head to Joe & Bella to shop now!

For more information visit Joe & Bella.

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