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Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old with Kathleen O'Brien

We live in a world where youth is envied and we are told to age gracefully. We are sold wrinkle creams and injections but in fact, aging is something we are doing every day. The act of growing old and everything with it is one of our most treasured experiences as human beings.

How do we shift our minds that around this? How can we go deep and find out exactly who we are and embrace the process of getting older?

My guest today is thought leader and expert in age philosophy, Kathleen O’Brien. She is the author of Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old. She has researched aging for over 13years, has taught classes about growing older through the University of Denver, and her work can be found at

I loved my conversation with Kathleen. I learned so much- my perspective has already shifted in such a short amount of time to really embrace this time in our life- to look at growing older as a gift. Kathleen is sweet and smart and articulate and has a personal passion for sharing with all of us how we can really find happiness in aging.

Here is my interview with Kathleen as we look at shedding constraints society puts on us as we age.

Kathleen shares about:

  • Her familiar voice and what led her to write her book

  • Why we should not Age Gracefully

  • Why we should champion aging when the rest of the work is so busy NOT wanting to age

  • Fear of the unknown as a motivator and philosophies on aging in other cultures

  • All things youth envy and respecting your elders- what do we do?

  • How looking at ancient philosophies can offer wisdom and perspective

“In Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old, Kathleen O’Brien takes you on her journey into ancient philosophy, ground-breaking science, and our culture’s misconceptions about aging. Her advice? Tell people your age, expect young people to respect you, be eccentric, never age gracefully. Kathleen reminds you that empowerment, peace, and self-knowledge unfold effortlessly when you age the way nature intended.

Your later years are like no other. You are meant to experience them so you can uncover the reasons we grow old in the first place. Don’t let this remarkable time pass you by. Old age only comes around once.”

Kathleen O’Brien has researched aging for over 13 years and writes regular blogs at She began her career as an advertising copywriter, worked as a television broadcaster, owned her own video production company and taught media relations at two graduate schools of business. She lives in Denver with her husband, a retired physician.

Twitter: @kat_o_brien

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