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Prioritize Your Health & Happiness in Caregiving

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

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Prioritize Your Health & Happiness in Caregiving with Elizabeth Miller, Founder of Happy Healthy Caregiver

How do we create time to care for ourselves while we are juggling our caregiving responsibilities?

Today, my guest is Elizabeth Miller, founder of Happy Healthy Caregiver. Elizabeth created a place to feel supported as a caregiver when you feel isolated or overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities. Elizabeth's caregiver responsibilities were elevated when she cared for her mom and dad with chronic comorbidities. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed she decided to learn more about caregiving and how to implement self-care strategies to care for herself. Finding success by adopting and prioritizing self-care, she is sharing her tools with us.

This community of support offers resources for family caregivers, sharing helpful information and partners with businesses to make change in supporting caregivers. Elizabeth is also the host of the Happy Healthy Caregiver podcast which celebrates and shares caregivers' stories.

I've admired Elizabeth's work for a long time and I appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge with me. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your support and abundance mindset. Thank you for teaching us all what it looks like to be a Happy Healthy Caregiver!

Elizabeth shares about:

  • Her experience caring for aging parents with chronic and terminal illnesses and for a sibling with developmental disabilities

  • The signs of caregiver burnout and what to look for

  • How we grow in the practice of caring for ourselves while managing all of our caregiver responsibilities

  • The ways we can prioritize self-care

  • How we can implement practical self-care modalities into our day

  • What we can say when we are setting boundaries for ourselves

  • How we can get over the guilt by putting ourselves first

  • The important work that Elizabeth is doing through her podcast, consulting, speaking, and support for the caregiver community

About Elizabeth Miller & Happy Healthy Caregiver

Elizabeth Miller is a family caregiver advocate, speaker, author, and Certified Caregiving Consultant. Elizabeth’s personal experiences caring for aging parents with chronic and terminal illnesses and for a sibling with developmental disabilities inspired her to create Happy Healthy Caregiver in 2015. Through her coaching services, speaking, award-winning podcast, book, and online community, Elizabeth helps family caregivers infuse caregiving and self-care with their busy lives. She is the host of the Happy Healthy Caregiver podcast on the Whole Care Network, author of Just for You: a Daily Self-Care Journal, and facilitates an Atlanta support group for family caregivers called the Atlanta Daughterhood Circle. Elizabeth is also an ally and program guide for the Brutally Beautiful Foundation which offers nature-based wellness retreats for family caregivers.

Elizabeth has been a presenter at the 2016-2019 National Caregiving Conferences. Her story was featured in Woman’s Day and Health magazines.

As a full-time entrepreneur, Elizabeth works with employers interested in supporting their working family caregivers and with companies interested in amplifying their brands and services. Her interactive presentations offer practical solutions for caregiving and self-care. Topics range from preparing for a caregiving crisis, sharing the care with family members, self-care strategies, and balancing work and family.

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