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Preserving Family Memories

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Preserving Family Memories with Juan Medina, Founder of Lalo

How do you preserve your family traditions and stories? My guest today is Juan Medina, founder of Lalo. Lalo is an app that allows us to create a place to share family memories. Each space is completely private and you get to decide who sees the information that you share. You have the ability to discover new information about your family and even have conversation prompts to help you interact with the loved ones in your life. After working many years at Amazon, Juan was tired of the corporate grind and wanted to work out something that really mattered. During a visit to his father's grave, he realized that he wanted to share family stories and was not equipped with many of the details. Wanting to know the memories and stories of those we love most he created Lalo, a place for families to connect, share stories, preserve family history, and have the ability to pass those down to the next generation. Thank you, Juan, for the fun conversation and for sharing Lalo with families around the world.

Juan shares about:

  • The story of Lalo and how Juan's dad inspired his company

  • How Lalo helps us preserve our family memories and stories

  • The many ways families connect and bring meaning to their storytelling

  • How Lalo differs from other social media outlets

  • How our information remains safe and private

  • What families are sharing to come together using Lalo

  • Where we can learn more about Lalo

About Juan Medina & Lalo App

Juan Medina is the founder of Lalo. Prior to building a start-up, he worked at big companies like Amazon and Cardinal Health across a variety of roles. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from the University of Delaware.

Lalo is dedicated to preserving family memories for future generations to enjoy. We are a small, privately owned company based in sunny Seattle, WA.

Visit Lalo App to discover more!

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