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Millennial Caregiving: A Young Life on Hold

Millennial Caregiving: A Young Life on Hold with Adrienne Glusman, Host of Young Life Interrupted Podcast

The city lights, the energy, the hope of dreams waiting to come true - Adrienne Glusman loved living in New York City. Having just graduated from college, she was beginning her life and making the most of living in the city with her friends.

One day, she received a phone call that would change her life. Her mom, Hetty, was diagnosed originally with Parkinson's disease which eventually would be Multiple Systems Atrophy. What do you do when all of the timelines and plans you had for your life change? The trajectory of life that you thought you were on, shifted?

There is a rise in young millennial caregivers. Caregiving is unique for this age group and provides its own set of challenges and rewards. Fueled by moving caregiving initiatives forward, Adrienne Glusman has documented her caregiving story with her mom and is the host of the podcast Young Life Interrupted, where she shares her story, offers support, and encourages us to be present and live with hope. Thank you, Adrienne, for your honesty, candor and ability to share your story with real emotion. Shedding a tear with you was an honor.

Adrienne shares about:

  • How she made the decision to go from long-distance caregiving to moving close to her mom

  • All of the emotions that happen in caregiving

  • The rise of millennial caregivers

  • What resources and support look like for millennial caregivers

  • Her journey while caring for her mom

  • What its like to see your life on hold while everyone around you is moving forward

  • Do we need to change our language around caregiving?

  • What life is like post caregiving

Adrienne Glusman is a professional speaker, ambassador, and advocate on the topic of Millennial Caregiving, sharing her story and journey as an only-child caregiver to her mom, Hetty, who passed away in 2020 after living with Multiple System Atrophy since 2010. Adrienne's story as Hetty's caregiver was featured in a Wall Street Journal article, 'The Call To Care for Aging Parents Comes Sooner Now'. Her story has also been featured in Health magazine, Toronto Sun and to name a few. In addition to keynoting national conferences for Leading Age, National Church Residences and the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition, Adrienne has also been involved with various caregiving campaigns including serving as a caregiver ambassador for EMD Serono's Embracing Carers, Leading Age's 'Carry the Convo' and The Scan Foundation's 'Do You Give a Care'. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @younglifeinterrupted, or subscribe to her podcast, Young Life Interrupted, where she is lending a voice to her journey so other young caregivers can feel seen, heard and supported.

Connect with Adrienne:

Instagram -> @Adrienne Glusman

Young Life Interrupted Podcast:

LISTEN NOW: Apple Podcasts, Spotify & on your favorite podcast platform.

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