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From Childhood to Caregiving: Navigating Conflict and Communication with Family

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From Childhood to Caregiving: Navigating Conflict and Communication with Family with Michele Magner, MBA, CDP, Host of Inspired Caring Podcast & Founder of

How we navigate conflict and communication with our siblings and family members can play a role in how we care for our loved ones. At times, those dynamics can stem from our childhood and influence how we interact and show up for our family members in caregiving.

My guest this week is Michele Magner. She is the founder of and the host of Inspired Caring Podcast. Michele offers families and senior living communities support as they navigate the challenges of caring for aging loved ones by reducing stress and burnout giving families peace of mind. Michele focuses on creating calm, clarity, and confidence. These are three words we can definitely hang onto as we care for our loved ones.

Michele spent many years caring for both of her grandmothers and in-laws. Her time working in senior living communities combined with her gerontology background gives her unique insight into how to help family members on their aging journey. This episode has so many good nuggets of information. I found myself taking notes and writing down the words that Michele was sharing- I know you will too! Thank you, Michele!

Michele shares about:

  • Caring for both of her grandmothers and in-laws

  • Navigating conflict with our siblings and family members

  • How childhood dynamics can show up as we care for our parents

  • What can lead to family unrest and disagreements

  • How stress can affect how we interact and care for our loved ones

  • Tools to work through fear and the unknown

  • Finding joy in family caregiving

  • Setting boundaries and shifting our mindset as ways to care successfully

  • Caregiving with kids

About Michele Magner & Inspired Care

From Michele: For years I was gifted the privilege of caring for both of my grandmothers and in-laws as they navigated dementia, terminal cancer, senior living, moving out of their houses and everything in between.

My years of experience working in Assisted Living Memory Care and Skilled Nursing, combined with my Gerontology, Dementia, Conscious Aging, and Coaching education, provide me with unique insight to help you with your family members’ aging journey.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, and Berkeley, CA, my wonderful husband, Todd, and I are raising our family in Nebraska. I love being in nature, having time with my family, and being physically active. Sometimes I train for races (my first half marathon was May 2021) other times I’m walking my 2 dogs.

I changed my relationship with alcohol in 2018, which has completely changed my life.

Just like you, I’m navigating all things around aging parents, and I’m honored to be able to share this journey with you!

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