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Behind the Mic with Nicole Will

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Behind the Mic with Nicole Will, Founder of willGather

While I've been gifted the opportunity to bring out the best in my guests and their message- this person, right here, brings out the best in me.

My best friend of 28 years, Katie McDonald, interviews me today.

The message of listening when ideas find us and taking steps forward each day towards our dreams weaves its way through our conversation. As Katies says, "We all get to be each other's sacred mirror." If anything, Katie has taught me to show up with curiosity, find the joy, celebrate the magic, and always lead with kindness.

Nicole shares about:

  • What led her to start the podcast

  • Her mission in each episode

  • How she finds and connects to her guests

  • The podcast process

  • What she learns from her guests

  • Overcoming fear to pursue your dreams

  • How we can be open to receiving goodness and amplifying our message to do good

  • What's next for Nicole

Nicole Will is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our aging community by equipping older adults, their family members, and eldercare professionals with valuable information and resources. Nicole is the creator, host, and producer of the willGather Podcast: Navigating the World with Your Aging Loved One.

Nicole has over 20 years of experience in the field of aging and eldercare services. Growing up, Nicole's grandma came to live with her family and became one of her closest friends. Inspired by this special relationship and passion, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services: Social Gerontology. Nicole is actively certified as an Activity Director with NCCAP. She spent many years working as a Director at a well-respected and large senior living community overseeing the Therapeutic Recreation, Volunteer, and Spiritual Care departments while successfully leading her sizeable team to a zero-deficiency tenure and improved resident engagement success. She served on the MAPA board and as an adjuvant faculty member at the University of St. Catherine. She continues her hands-on approach as a private older adult care companion with a deep understanding of family caregiver needs. Nicole is currently the founder of willGather, LLC.

Katie McDonald is a successful business owner of Alchemy Designs that includes being a hairstylist, life coach, medium, and master-level reiki. Her gifts bring healing, joy and awakening to anyone she encounters. She resides in Denver and is the best mom to two amazing kids.

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We are not medical professionals and are not providing any medical advice. If you have any medical questions, we recommend that you talk with a medical professional of your choice. willGather has taken care in selecting its speakers but the opinions of our speakers are theirs alone. Thank you for your continued interest in our podcasts.

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Nicole Will is our host and founder of willGather.

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