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Be Proactive & Confident as a Care Partner

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Be Proactive & Confident as a Care Partner with Mike Michel, Founder of CareTrainr

How do we effectively and proactively communicate our loved ones needs and routines with their care partners and caregivers?

Mike Michel, the founder of the CareTrainr app, is my guest today. The CareTrainr app saves care partners time from repeating the same information to new caregivers and visiting relatives They are able to move forward as they are equipped with information and confidence as they have access to personalized walk-through videos, calendars, updated notes, and more.

This week we are also having a bigger conversation about what motivated Mike to create CareTrainr, his experience with the home care industry, and working with care partners. Mike is full of life, energy, and knowledge. This was a motivating conversation and I'm so excited to see what Mike will do next. Thank you for the great conversation, Mike!

Mike shares about:

  • Mike's story and reason for creating the CareTrainr app

  • The current landscape of the homecare industry and a take on what the needs of family caregivers are

  • What leads to high turnover and caregiver frustration

  • How we can properly train caregivers and tools to grow confidence

  • Advice for families on finding the "right" caregiver for their loved one

  • What are the current challenges caregivers are facing at the moment

  • How we can communicate effectively with our caregivers

  • The importance of a plan of care and accountability

  • How he is hopeful for the future

About Mike Michel & The CareTrainr App

Mike Michel attained his B.S degree in Health Science at Florida A&M University. His previous work with geriatric patients and in-home healthcare included his education in health science and physical therapy. He noticed some inefficiencies in the organization and the quality of care families and loved ones endure. So, He decided to educate families on two things. First, Proactive care is always the best care. We don't have to wait until we need the care to set standards for how we care. Secondly, when caregivers change, care shouldn't.

Care Trainr is the modern solution for continuous caregiving. Built from the ground up by a dedicated team of care professionals, this app was designed to provide both families and professionals with a simple, easy-to-use, and convenient way to communicate and coordinate the highest quality care for their loved ones and patients.

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Find Mike on social media at @thecaregiverguy.

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